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ABOUT US : Stefano di Filippo Dasha Chesnokova Official Web site

Stefano di Filippo Dasha Chesnokova Official Web site


Stefano and Dasha are current International Professional Latin finalists.  


Stefano was born and raised in Rome, Italy, where he started dancing at the age of nine. His parents used to bring him along when they attended social dance classes. Originally from Italy, Stefano is a former Youth and Amateur World Latin Champion. Before turning professional, Stefano danced  with his sister Annalisa Di Filippo and they were a very successful couple dancing all the most prestigious finals around the world.
Some years later , Stefano won the UK Open, Blackpool, and all the  WDSF Grand Slam Finals with his next partner, Anna Melnikova.
With his former professional partner, Olga Urumova, Stefano became a World, U.K.,  International Championships and British Open  finalist before they split in 2011.
He is also well-known for taking part as a professional teacher  on the Italian version of  “Dancing with the Stars ” .
Some of  his titles:
  • World Youth Latin Champion 1998
  • WDSF world latin Champion 2008
  • World major professional finalist 2012/2013


Daria (Dasha) Chenokova is a World Amateur Latin finalist and three-time US Amateur Latin Champion. Born in Ukraine, and began dancing at age 12 when her clear passion for dance convinced her parents to send her  to dance school. Dasha is well-known for her US-based amateur career with former partner Valentin Chmerkovskiy. As three time US National Champions, they rose to place 3rd in the Amateur Latin categories at Blackpool and the UK Open in 2011. 
Daria also renewed for her repeat appearances on ” Dancing with the stars ” .
Some of  her titles:
  • WDSF World Amateur Latin Finalist 2010
  • US National Amateur Latin Champion 2009 – 2011
  • BRITISH OPEN and U.K OPEN  Amateur Latin Finalist 2010 – 2011
  • World major professional finalist 2012/2013


Even though Stefano and Dasha have only been dance together since August 2012, they say they experience ” extraordinary Chemistry” in their partnership. They aim to improve their dancing day after day, and to share our love and passion for the dance with all of you!



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